Your Experienced Hearing Aid Professionals in Glenmont and the Surrounding Areas

All of the staff at Glenmont Hearing Aid Boutique, home of the hEARt Ear Boutique are dedicated improving your hearing with comfortable, nearly invisible hearing instruments. Whether you have had a previous hearing test or not, our medical professionals work to get to the best fitting custom hearing aids with our one hour, same day service. Our services are driven by our hearing specialist, Robert J. LaCosta, BC-HIS. After helping thousands to hear again, including the elderly of our community as well as orphans and deaf children overseas, Robert continues his passion for helping others by providing affordable, stop-and-shop hearing health care in Glenmont and the surrounding areas. Stop by our Glenmont hearing aids boutique today to learn more.

Custom Ear Products for Superior Audio Quality

Aside from hearing aid services, hEARt Ear Boutique also offers custom ear products. We develop a custom earmold for a variety of uses such as bluetooth phones, iPods, ear protection plugs, swimmer’s plugs, musician in-the-ear monitors, and more.

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Hearing Aid Specialists With Decades Of Experience

It All Starts With A Simple Hearing Test

All of our services require a knowledge of your baseline hearing abilities. If you have a current enough hearing test, we can use your previous results to begin crafting your customized ear piece. Otherwise, we can perform a free audiogram for you in about 15 minutes. We’ll go over your audiogram together, and will share your test results with your physician.

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Most Hearing Aids Fitted Within An Hour

After we complete your hearing test, we begin the process of fitting you with your non-occluding and nearly invisible hearing instruments. Our hearing aids are natural sounds and carry little weight in your ears. They’re so comfortable that most of our patients even forget they’re wearing them!

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Continuing Care & Follow Ups For Our Patients

Maintaining your new hearing aid equipment ensure longer product life and quality function. Before you leave our Glenmont hearing aids specialists, we’ll review basic maintenance and care for your new hearing instruments, and will even schedule follow-up services and check-ups to ensure you are completely satisfied with your hearing aid.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Hearing Aids in Glenmont, NY

Boutique Prices, Experienced Doctor and Hearing Health Professionals

Our passion for improving the hearing health of our clientele, as well as our unique boutique prices and fast turnaround times, separate us from the competition. While you will get to take advantage of boutique pricing, your hearing instruments are still of amazing, long-lasting quality and clarity. We know you may be apprehensive about leaving your old routine or your doctor’s referrals — we assure you that our hearing instruments are superior quality, and our professional Glenmont hearing aids services staff has decades of combined experience in the field of hearing health. Contact us or stop by today to see the difference.

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If you are looking for hearing aid services near Glenmont then please call 518-435-1250 or complete our online request form.